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What I'm Loving About Interior Trends Right Now

Since the pandemic hit there is something I have noticed about interior design "trends" that I am loving...  There aren't any.  Or, maybe, I should say there are so many that we can't call them "trends".  Since people have been home, learning from their homes, experiencing them, updating them, etc, we seem to be embracing a "whatever works for you" type of interior design trend.  Pre-pandemic, it was all white open spaces with California-casual furnishings that could be either more modern or more modern-farmhouse. But that was pretty much the end of Instagram and Pinterest trends.  I am so happy to say that the last two years have allowed the industry and individuals to tap a bit more into their personal styles.  I now see so many interesting things out there...  Art Deco Comeback  Via Via Ok, so the 80s/ Art Deco thing was coming about before the pandemic, but those curved arms and arched furniture lines are still thriving and we've started s

All the love!

 On Valentines Day I feel so overwhelmed with love when I read my client reviews! I so enjoy helping people reach their real estate goals, but how wonderful when I know it mattered to them and I could provide the best of service to them!  Head over to my Zillow page for the biggest collection of client reviews!  Did you recently work with me and want to write a review?! I'd love to hear from you!  You can write reviews on the following platforms:  Zillow  Yelp  Facebook 

"How's the Market?"

 Its the #1 question I get. "Hey Meg! How are you? How's the market right now?!"  Its how most people engage with me.  And that makes sense!  If you heard about something major happening to teeth in the news, you'd probably bring it up to your dentist. If you knew there was a building boom, you'd probably bring it up in conversation with your contractor next time you saw them.  People hear about real estate OFTEN. Its a massive part of our economy and its often part of the news, especially when we are in a high or a low (which we are!). But one of the reasons people ask that question is they also have a stake in the game. Either they are looking for a house, or know someone who is and is struggling to find something, or they own a home and are excited/relieved about the sellers' market conditions.  So knowing WHY someone is asking this is key.  But what I recently realized is my usual response wasn't providing much value.  I would say something to the affe

Compass Collections

One of the last things I wanted to share about why I am excited to be at Compass now is how much easier it is for my clients to interact with me.  CMAs (Comparative Market Analysis) for sellers are easier to prepare and send, I am more able to constantly stay in touch with clients via my marketing but also with personalized-neighborhood insights, and clients have an interactive search and insight tool called Collections.  Collections is a pretty word for how Compass allows clients and agents to collaborate with on and off market homes. Normally I would start a search for someone and any new homes would get emailed to them. This works the same way, though you'll also get off-market Compass listings also known as "quiet listings", but it also works as a work space for us to collaborate, share notes quickly on the same platform, quickly remove listings we aren't interested in, etc. Its a streamlined, heavily visual, search tool for buyers.  But I wanted to highlight som

Fixer of the Week: Amazing Opportunity to Make-it-Yours in Lower Merion

 On the Main Line, we sure do love our stone colonials. Historical, beautiful, traditional, well built.... a stone colonial tops many buyers' lists.  But this one in particular caught my eye because its full of possibilities in a rather cool location.  204 Meeting House Ln in Merion Station  Asking $800,000  It stands at 3500 sq ft and has 4 traditional bedrooms on the second floor, two full baths, and an additional 2 beds and a full bath on the 3rd floor.  The first floor features a coveted entry hall, formal living and dining with bowed picture windows, a large enclosed side porch, large kitchen and a rear space that would be a good converted family room, change back to a garage, or large mudroom!  The great thing about this house is it has a lot of space to work with, great bones and its across the street from the public elementary and middle schools, which means it is a great family space for years to come!  Incredible, large second bedroom with great floors (and I kind of want

All About Green!

 Bright white and moody colors will likely never go out of style but we are seeing more and more mid-tones come back on trend (last time mid-tones were cool were probably around 2000 when Pottery Barn was THE word).  One of the ones I am seeing most often is a gray-green. Its a friendly color that pairs well with more modern tones (think the grays, blacks and whites we have been seeing) but warms nicely with wood tones and natural materials.  Apparently SW sees this too as their color of the year (and the month of Jan) is Evergreen Fog.  Want to see some of the best ways to use it?  Loving these cabinets in green!  Again, working well hear with both bronze/black and earth tones  Love this more traditional-eclectic look. Looks much more saturated in a dark space!  But also a great pairing for a mid-century boho look  Great combo color - bold but not overly so. Here looking more truly green against the dark blue Whatever your style, this is a very versatile way of adding some color to