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Neighborhood Spot Light: Media

In the covid and  post-covid (are we finally post??) era of suburban boom, many people are finding they are having to settle for less. Less house, less yard, not their ideal school district or commute, less walkability, etc. But one area in the Western Suburbs that seems like a gem for continuing to be affordable (in comparison to the Main Line), walkable, charming and accessible is Media Borough and its surrounding neighborhoods (Rose Valley, Wallingford, and nearby Swarthmore).  Image courtesy of Riddle Village Media is another Victorian, suburban hub, among many around greater Philly. A walkable downtown with mid-19th century architecture and a wide variety of restaurants, bars and stores makes it a charming locale. Its one of the few non-Main Line hubs, though, that has several direct rail lines in the city, though, making this a wonderful spot for urban commuters.  Its main street (State St) is home to an accessible Trader Joes, several local brewery chains like Brick & Brew a