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The Best Online Design Services, Broken Down

For many buyers, when they are searching for their new home, they often fall in love with the little things. A beautifully curated living room with overscale, original art. The gallery wall running up the stairs. The perfectly fitted basement mancave that somehow doesn't scream bachelor. But when the stagers or design-minded homeowners move their collection out, buyers often have trouble figuring out how to make that now-empty box back into a home. In decades past, the solution was an expensive, often unattainable, one - hiring a professional interior designer. While hiring a designer is still the way to go for a lot of people who want a more personalized feel, can afford a higher end budget, or are doing bigger projects like kitchen and bath renovations, the average home buyer doesn't have the funds for this level of service. Luckily, the last few years have ushered in a new age of interior design, one that combines affordability and accessibility with the newest trends. Th