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How to Pick A Real Estate Agent

If you've ever sold a house, or are currently thinking about it, you might have stressed about the prospect of doing so. Even in the best of circumstances, its a hard process. It involves letting go of what is likely an emotional place, you have to prep your home for someone else to look at and judge, you have to pack and move, and while many people are fortunate enough to sell their homes so they can move into a nicer or larger place, selling is often accompanied by major life changes (financial change, divorce, death of a family member, moving across country, making space for a new baby, etc). So, needless to say, its already a lot to take on. Being a buyer is equally stressful. How do you compete against other buyers in a seller's market? How do you navigate the world of mortgages and pre-approvals? How much does it even cost to buy a home? What should I be worried about during an inspection? There's a lot to take in when searching for a home and spending a significant

Client Renovation Story: A Masculine Update in South Philly

This year I am happy to present real-life examples, from my wonderful clients, of people making houses their own. In many cases that I will share here, that goes beyond decor and paint. I have been fortunate enough to work with many wonderful clients who saw potential in a home and realized all or some of that potential in their homes so far. Its great to see people making less-than-perfect homes their own, earn some equity in the process and, of course, share their story! ---  For our first Renovation Story we have the wonderful Kevin, who is remarkable with the work he does on homes. (He's also a talented musician and you can follow him on Instagram !)  This is actually his third home I've seen him work his magic on. When I helped him buy his current place almost 4 years ago, it was a typical South Philly row home. It wasn't awful, but it was a little bland and dated everywhere and the kitchen smelled remarkably of cooking oils. But Kevin had a vision and he k