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Rising Rates and the Market Right Now

Maybe you've heard but mortgage rates have been steadily climbing, hitting 5% recently, the first time since 2011. In order to combat intense inflation, the Fed increased rates which have in turn caused mortgage rates to increase.  So what does this mean for buyers and the market in general?  There are many different view points on what happens next. Some see this as a bubble about to pop (though this is a rare argument), some see it as a natural and necessary downturn, an still others see little change happening long term.  Fortune  on the housing market  Wharton on the effect of rising rates (and a great point about how lenders will correct the low-interest-rate refinancing with some creative products)  Fox Business on a possible bubble (though it should be noted a leveling or slight downturn is different than the scary-term "bubble")  Zillow on returning to "normal" Finally, some good advice from Yahoo on how to perceive home buying right now (the basics - if