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End-of-Summer Activity: Stay Safe at the Drive In

 Drive ins are becoming popular all around America right now as events are limited and indoor movies are a no-go.  All around Philadelphia are several options worth noting!  This site offers a great overview of options throughout the Greater Philly area  But a few other top picks include:  Family friendly movie pop-up at Oaks Convention Center  The Philly Drive In at Fairmount Park  Drive-In at the Navy Yard  And while its not a movie, drive-ins are now working well for concerts too, like this series at People's Light in Malvern  Happy viewing! 

Styling Advice: High, Low

 Often when going through certain homes with clients, they will fall in love with the decor of an owner. What I notice often, though, is its not the homes with the expensive Restoration Hardware set, its the well-curated homes that sellers have created over years. Its the homes with, sure, the West Elm sofa but the antique dresser and found oriental rug and 20+ years of art collecting over an Ikea credenza.  Via Its the mix of a well-loved but finely-curated home that often catches a buyer's eye. Its a look that they often can't describe or put their finger on because it wasn't what was recently in the Crate and Barrel catalog.  This is the beauty of "high-low" decorating. Mixing styles for an eclectic look, sure, but mixing pieces of found art and furniture with the budgeted-for purchases. It makes for a layered, well-thought out look that is hard to achieve with simple online shopping and thus is often coveted.  Via I try to do this with my own staging, mixing i