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How to Know if a Fixer Upper is For You

(First off, sorry for the hiatus! Only fresh content around here, y'all, so when things get busy, things don't get written!) (Oh this house would be so lovely if I had 5 years and half a million dollars!)  If you are like many Americans, you have a hankering for HGTV (or a love-hate relationship with the buyers on House Hunters) and the Cinderella stories that come out of shows like Fixer Upper , Property Brothers , or Flip or Flop. The renovation TV phenomena has definitely flushed out a lot of people who crave the idea of buying something cheap "with potential" and gaining huge amounts of equity with all the right renovation strategies, not to mention the perks of a perfectly remodeled home. I would say over 75% of my buyers over the last several years have some level of interest in this fairy tale scenario. But how do you know, as an actual, non-TV-scripted, buyer, if a fixer upper is right for you? Well lets crash this fairy tale and talk about some ba