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The Best Plants for Shade

 Its all about the gardens this week!  First, something near to my heart - the shade garden!  Around greater Philly, we have our fair share of heavily wooded and tree-filled yards. We aren't in the state of Penn's Woods for nothing!  My own yard is covered with great, gorgeous oaks that leave over half of my yard space in dappled or full shade. Its very beautiful, but does provide its own issues with growing plants and flowers.  If you go into any Home Depot or Lowes and look for plants, you'll see most of whats for sale needs full sun. So what can you plant in those shaded corners or dappled lawns?  Here are some of my own favorites that have done really well in my own garden!  Hostas  Via My favorite plant ever. The are big, incredibly hardy, grown like a foot a day in the Spring, are full of color and shape and LOVE the shade. The only downside is they leave nothing behind in the winter so the 3 ft they take up in the Summer is empty in the winter (so its smart to pair i

A Practical Guide to Celebrating Mother's Day

Fellow Moms, I know Mother’s Day is often just another day with whining kids and falling asleep at 9:30 on the couch after an earnest attempt to watch a movie. But I wanted to share a few ideas on how to actually enjoy the weekend, try to celebrate being a mom and yourself. They are all doable!        Celebrate Being a Mom -            Grab brunch or a late night drink with  another mom friend.  There’s nothing better than the solidarity of motherhood to feel good about the whole thing. If you can swing it, maybe throw in shopping or a pedicure (bet its been a while!) -            Take the  kids out for a meal  and your significant other, if applicable, is entirely in charge. You both have to agree that if any whining or spilled milk happens, you do nothing except order another drink. After two mimosas, you won’t notice the whining and you’ll  feel like you’re crushing Mother’s Day ;-) -            Take the kids  somewhere new . Kids seem to have more interest and stamina when trying a