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The Keys to Selling Your Home (And how to not give in to those advertising gimmicks...)

Be forewarned, in this article there are quite a few opinions and a couple of rants!  I get postcards/mailers all the time from other real estate agents. (I'm sure you do too!)  In theory, I love this because it gives me a chance to see what other agents are sending! But sometimes I get mailers that just make me upset about how agents advertise themselves. (To be fair, I also get some great mailers from other agents that I think are spot on).  My number one gripe with how other agents advertise themselves is my selling homeowners fear. Fear of using any other agent but that agent. Fear of the process. Fear of missing out.  There's enough stress in this process than to be sold fear from the get-go.  The most common examples of this are mailers claiming "I am the only agent that....!". "We are THE group who can sell your home like no one else..."  The idea is THEY are the agent who holds all the keys and no other agents can do it, and certainly not you, Dear

House of the Week: Charming Starter in Walkable Roxborough

 In this crazy market, its rare to find something move-in-ready in a desirable spot for under $300,000.  This charming 2 bedroom row fits the bill with a generous front porch and garden bed, sunny living room with original hardwoods, dining room, rare coat closet, updated kitchen, large back yard just waiting for a deck, two sunny bedrooms and an enlarged bathroom!  This is the perfect starter home for someone looking to get in on the real estate market and stop paying rent! Great location between the Wissahickon trail head and Ridge Ave shops and restaurants!  594 Martin St  Roxborough  2 bed, 1 full bath  Want to know more or take a look?  Reach out anytime!  M: 215-350-0464 

Kuddos to this Kiddo Space

Its International Women's Day today, in the midst of Women's History Month, and I keep remembering or reading about amazing women (not to mention knowing and working with many!).  So today I want to share another amazing woman who made this beautiful space for her child... by herself... with her own tools... while pregnant...  Emily Higgins is a rockstar!  Great DIY chops here!  With another one on the way, it was time to bump up their toddler, Oliver, to his big-kid room.  And if you are a mom with a design itch, thats such a fun prospect. Kids rooms are fun. Full of design opportunity we don't afford ourselves in other spaces. But also full of challenges (where do the toys go?!).  I asked Emily to divulge a bit on what went into her big-boy room makeover. Read on...  Where did you get inspiration from for the overall aesthetic?  So I always browse Pinterest for my room inspiration, but honestly for this one I never saw one room that sparked everything. This was by far th