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Fixer of the Week: Amazing Opportunity to Make-it-Yours in Lower Merion

 On the Main Line, we sure do love our stone colonials. Historical, beautiful, traditional, well built.... a stone colonial tops many buyers' lists. 

But this one in particular caught my eye because its full of possibilities in a rather cool location. 

204 Meeting House Ln in Merion Station 

Asking $800,000 

It stands at 3500 sq ft and has 4 traditional bedrooms on the second floor, two full baths, and an additional 2 beds and a full bath on the 3rd floor. 

The first floor features a coveted entry hall, formal living and dining with bowed picture windows, a large enclosed side porch, large kitchen and a rear space that would be a good converted family room, change back to a garage, or large mudroom! 

The great thing about this house is it has a lot of space to work with, great bones and its across the street from the public elementary and middle schools, which means it is a great family space for years to come! 

Incredible, large second bedroom with great floors (and I kind of want to keep the wallpaper and light...)

Primary bedroom is large so the ensuite bathroom and closet could be expanded into the room for much more space 

Lovely potential guest suite bath

The first floor could have an added garage with mudroom access to the kitchen, the side porch could be an amazing office or play space, and the third floor could make for a stellar in-law/guest suite! 

What's great is there are also some wonderful original features of this home to salvage, like the hardwood floors, those beautiful front windows, and that amazing (jack and jill probably) jadeite bathroom (future buyer, please don't tear that out! See Philly's own Meet Me in Philadelphia for a great example). Plus it was already outfitted with central air! 

I don't usually feature $800,000 fixers here, but this was a great option for someone looking to make their mark on the Main Line. 

Listing courtesy of Jason Wallner, Keller Williams Main Line. 


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