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Stress-Free Winter Cocktails

Its holiday party season and that means contributing to gatherings, either as a guest or host! 

One of my favorite ways to join pot lucks or show up to a party is with a big-batch cocktail. They are also great for intimate parties that you want to add a signature spin to the menu. 

Here are some of my favorite options for winter cocktails: 

Apple Juice Cocktail 

If you are a previous client of mine, you should have gotten an apple juice with a cocktail recipe for Thanksgiving! 

That recipe is GREAT for an easy, refreshing but cold weather cocktail 

I also love this simple recipe because you could easily switch liquors. Rum and apple or tequila and apple (with a little agave, of course) would work well too! 

Mulled Wine, aka Gluhwein 

This is a simple, smells-great way to make your home feel like the holidays

Swedish Glogg 

Basically mulled wine, but with more nuts and more alcohol! 

Photo by Frank Zhang on Unsplash

Winter Pimm's Punch 

I love this take on a Pimms with a super easy batch version! 

Paloma Punch 

I love this unique take on a Christmas bowl. I personally love palomas, so dressing it up for the holiday is going to be a definite try for our family! 

P.s. If adding the cranberry puree isn't your favorite, just dressing up the bowl with cranberries is holiday enough! 

And more! 

I love this list if you are really looking to make something signature. Most of the above cocktails use standard, easy-to-get liquors and wines. But if you are looking to branch out, these are some amazing batch cocktails to stand out from the crowd! 


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