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Inexpensive Ways to Add Fall to your Home

 Autumn is one of the most beloved seasons on the East Coast. People get excited for changing leaves, temperate weather, pumpkin-flavored everything, and decorating their homes and tables for the season. Especially in the era of quarantine, adding a little something special to your home this time of year might be just what you need to calm your home-schooling/stuck-inside nerves! 

But there's no need to spend a fortune for a little Fall pick-me-up. Here are my favorite, inexpensive options for Fall decorating! 

We all appreciate the delivery people bringing us our essentials, gifts, school supplies and home-shopping splurges. So give them something nice to see when they walk up next time! 

Love this inexpensive combo from Amazon! 


Layering on chunky, fringy throws just makes you want to be inside more. I love this inexpensive, graphic addition from Amazon

Or this rust and ivory striped one from Target 


Fall-color catchalls are a great Fall addition, adding style points to your entry, kitchen counter or centered on your dining room table. 

I love this black bowl for a modern take - fill it with bright red apples for a twist on a center piece. 

And a copper one immediately warms up any surface 


No need to overthink it. Candles are a staple for Fall decor. Pick your favorite Fall-themed scent and splurge on the pretty container. 


Change up your throw pillows. You don't need to pick out ones that say "Autumn" and are covered with leaves - Fall tones, chunky textures and graphic patterns all hint at the changing season. 

Like this inexpensive copper pillow from World Market 

I love this graphic black and white cover from H&M - works great for Autumn simplicity but transitions nicely to Halloween decorating! 


Go outside with your Fall decorating - before the snow falls, enjoy the outdoors as much as possible!  

Ok, so not as cheap as the rest of the items on the list, this fire pit is a great investment piece. Its unique shape means it can fit in tighter places and work more as a focal fireplace too 

Add Autumn ambiance with lanterns 

This set would be wonderful around a patio and this copper-colored pair would be a wonderful table top addition 


Finally, don't forget about adding nature inside and out - grabbing some mums or cabbage plants, a few pumpkins and even just cutting some fall branches can be an inexpensive way of adding Autumn to your home! 

P.s. It should come as no surprise that these fun, inexpensive additions also make for great suggestive staging when listing your home in the Fall! Embrace the season you are selling in and add some Autumnal touches for added homey-ness.  



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