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Philly Designers to Follow

 Instagram is full of designers to follow, both nationwide celebrities and local resources. But you might not be aware how chock-full the greater Philadelphia area is with amazing designers. 

Here are a few of my favorites to add to your scrolling pleasure! 

Michelle Gage Interiors 

No stranger to color and pattern, she's an inspiration for mixing and matching! If you are feeling like a quick, colorful pick-me-up, she's your girl

Lisa Furey Interiors 

A high-end designer who works all over but bases many of her projects out of Philly, she somehow manages to make the light and airy beach/farmhouse look grounded and upscale

A relative new-comer but a great, accessible and local resource for full service or small-project designs!

Technically a bit more all over the East Coast, they are based in Philly and Baltimore, they are a gorgeous pairing of eclectic and trim/organized design, often with an earthy element.


Yes, they are mostly a kitchen design-build company, but they do amazing work and have a creative eye!

I've been following Naomi Stein for almost a decade and she's always been original in her designs. While she's fond of color and pattern, she can easily move to neutral and traditional designs. But whatever she does, its full of unique design!

The original traditional yet casual farmhouse look, High Street Market is an old staple that never gets old. Plus they have a fantastic little interiors store based out of North Wales!

A personal favorite of mine - a Philly designer who mixes traditional and modern beautifully in everything she does!

Its hard to put this man in a category - designer, chef, studio owner, party-hoster, writer... Before moving to Philly's Main Line he styled for design mags like House Beautiful (which he still does) but when he found a fixer estate house in Philly, he moved everything here, including starting Maximalist Studios. Its an entertaining following whatever you are into! 


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