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Summer Maintenance Checklist!

Its finally summer and that means its time to think about the seasonal to-dos around your home. Luckily, summer is an easy time of the year where you don't need to take much time from vacations and outdoor lounging to take care of maintenance items around your home.

1) Get Your AC Serviced 

Ideally, you can take care of this before summer hits, but now is still a good time to make sure all is in working order before any issues arise.

Same goes for installing window units and making sure they are all in working order!

2) Clean Out the Gutters 

Typically thought of as a fall activity, summer is a good time to get a jump on this. After all of the Spring rains and falling flowers, your gutters will likely need a clean out to stay functional.

3) Exterior Painting and Masonry 

Summer is a good time to get to exterior work before the leaves of Fall and after the cooler temps and rainy season of Spring. Check for any repointing needed (cracks) in your masonry, leaks or cracks around windows, chipping paint on exterior wood, etc. All of these projects are easier to take care of on a nice summer morning or evening than during a rainy Autumn day.

4) Reseal Patio Furniture or Decking 

Before more harsh sun, early summer is a good time to clean off and reseal your deck or wood patio furniture

5) Order your Annual Pest Treatment 

...if you haven't already. For the East Coast, that might mean treating for termites and the invasive spotted lanternfly.

6) Landscaping 

This one is of course a bit obvious. Not an ideal time for adding new plants as its too hot, once everything is in bloom you can plan for new additions in the Fall or what needs to get trimmed back. Also, you of course want to work on a watering plan during hotter weeks or for less established plants.

7) Don't Forget Routine Maintenance 

The turn of seasons is always a good time to remember to check smoke detectors are working, clean out the dryer vent, change out your HVAC filter, etc.


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