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Featured Neighborhood: Ambler

As part of the running series on neighborhood looks, I'm focusing on the Montgomery County hotspot of Ambler.

Ambler is a relatively small, walkable oasis Northwest of Center City. Most likely accessible by route 309, its also an easy trip on Lansdale/Doylestown line in and out of the city.

Interestingly enough, its probably one of the few towns also named in honor of a woman! The town collective, not yet incorporated, was the site of a terrible train wreck in 1856. Mary Johnson Ambler took immediate action, bringing medical supplies and directing rescue efforts, and turned her home into a make-shift hospital for the wounded. Years later, the railway co named the train station in her honor and when the town incorporated in 1888, it followed suit!

Walkable Downtown 

One of the most beloved features of modern Ambler is its walkable and jam-packed downtown. Centered around Main St & Butler Ave, Ambler's downtown has a long list of shops, restaurants, bars and service industries. One of the most popular locations is the 20's era Ambler Theater, an art-house and commercial theater in the center of it all. The Act II Playhouse is another popular destination for entertainment.

Restaurants and bars flood downtown, but a few favorites include the charming Forest & Main Brewing Co, The Lucky Well BBQ for live music, Vida & Comida for a unique BYO.

The downtown also is home to the Ambler Farmers Market and the Mt Airy-staple Weavers Way Co-op which has an Ambler location!

A River Runs Through It 

Photo by Bailey King via

Ok, its not a river-  its a creek. Wissahickon creek to be exact. 
This charming town is laced with waterways. The long Wissahickon Trail follows the creek and is accessible from the South end of the borough.

The creek also connects a bevvy of outdoor spots surrounding Ambler -
The walkable Four Mills Nature Preserve, Ambler Borough Park, and Penn Ambler Park.
Nearby are also the Willow Farm Preserve, Penllyn Woods, Prophecy Creek, and the MonDaug Bark Park!

Housing Options

Image courtesy of Bright MLS 

Ambler is a borough surrounded by Lower Gwynedd, Upper Dublin, Whitemarsh and Whitpain Townships. Its mainly served by Wissahickon and Upper Dublin school districts, though residents of Whitemarsh will also be served by Colonial School District. As these tend to be highly rated districts on sites such as and, this is a popular area for families. 

The average sold price in Ambler Borough alone was $308,000 for 2019, according to Bright MLS data. In Upper Dublin School District, the average sold price for 2019 jumps to $425,000! 

The borough itself is made up of many twins, rows and a few single/detached homes. The surronding areas are a very mixed bag, with pockets of mid-century homes,  a few older farmhouses or Victorian singles, sections of 1920s built homes and a lot of newer developments as well. 

Quick Pros and Cons: 

Pros: Great walkable downtown surrounded by parks and open space. Quick drive down 309 or a Septa train to Center City. Near shopping meccas of Plymouth Meeting, Willow Grove and only a 10 min drive to North Wales's Trader Joes! Surrounded by top-rated school districts! 

Cons: Far from Philadelphia International Airport if you need to access it more regularly. Biggest con is generally small inventory in the borough and higher price tags in surrounding areas. 

Have a tip about Ambler you want to add? Please comment! 

This article includes some opinions of the writer and should not be taken as fact. 


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