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Fun Things to Do At Home

In the wake of neighborhood, work, school and general community shut downs in order to curb the spread of Coronavirus, I'm suspending the usual Philly Weekend Events Lineup to bring you a great list of things to do at home or low-key in your community. Please don't panic - just stay safe, be courteous have fun where you can!

Binge Watch A Long Movie or Show 

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Ever want to watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies back to back? How about rewatching all of  Game of Thrones? What better time than now! (P.s. I bet people aren't stockpiling popcorn!)

Tackle a DIY Project 

I just posted about great DIY projects for homeowners but if you have something you've been putting off trying and already have the supplies (like you bought all of the new hardware for your kitchen cabinets but just haven't gotten around to installing them) now it the time! Just make sure your DIY project doesn't require 40 trips to Home Depot, which effectively makes it more of a community event.

Do a painting or a puzzle 

Working on something that takes a while that you can do for 15 mins, stop, and come back to is a nice way to spend a weekend or entire week

Clean Your House 

I know, I know... boo! But if you have spots you can never seem to get to - like those baseboards - you no longer have an excuse!

Get Outside in Open Air 

Photo by Nicolas Picard on Unsplash

While we still don't completely know how the virus spreads, as long as you aren't touching surfaces (which rules out most playgrounds) and aren't in close proximity to other people (the recommendation from the CDC is to be 6 ft away from a potentially sick person), walking your neighborhood, your local park system, woods, etc, is a great way to spend time.

(P.s. Be courteous to others in the outdoors. Just because the person you pass walking on the street coughs or sneezes, doesn't mean they are knowingly spreading the virus and should get the stink-eye. They may have a common cold, allergies to the Spring blossoms or your dog they just walked past, or just had something in their throat! Regardless, you can be safe and kind at the same time.)

Build an Indoor Fort or Have an Indoor Picnic! 

You don't need kids to have an indoor fort, but kids in particular will love making their home into an indoor playground. Don't have fort building equipment? Then round up the family for an indoor picnic - grab some blankets and sit in front of the fire, the tv or tell ghost stories over a shared snack on the floor!

Have a spa day! 

There's nothing to combat stress like a good massage, steamy shower or bath, and pampering. If you are comfortable sharing space with a friend, invite them over for a spa day (with proper beverages, of course!). Or, tap your significant other in for a pampering session - nails for a massage or a bath for a head massage - whatever you pick, you'll both feel much more relaxed afterwards!


Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Take the time to slow down, pick up a book, and get lost in a story (perfect if you find yourself obsessively Googling 'coronavirus'). Its much harder to pick up your phone and do a news deep-dive while trying to watch your favorite show when you have two hands on a book!

What else do you love to do while staying home/low key? Please share in the comments! 


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