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Those pesky extra rooms...

Ok, its a pretty first-world problem, but there plenty of people who live in suburbia (or even in the city!) who have a room or two that they just don't use. Often, its a formal dining room or extra bedroom, but if you are the owner of such a room, you may wonder why you are paying for so much unused space!

Today, I'm walking through some of the best uses of dead space in your house and how to make it you new favorite room!

The Formal Dining Room
This is the most commonly "complained-about" space in the suburban home. While we still like to entertain, a lot of people aren't crazy about a whole, extra, (often large) room thats only used on a handful of occasions throughout the year. Unless you have family dinners there, this is likely a space that you are taxed on & heating that sits vacant 350 days of the year.

One of my personal favorite ways to reuse this room is to use it as a craft/workspace. The room can keep a large dining table and chairs that can be u…
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Common Rowhouse Design Problems & Our Favorite Solutions

Today I want to talk about the beloved Philly rowhouse. A charming, but often modern-design-flawed bit of architecture that is the most common home type in our city. 
Rowhouses come in all shapes, sizes, and eras here but some carry more issues than others when relating to modern living. So I wanted to share some of the concerns I hear about most as a real estate agent, and some of the best ways to work around those design flaws. 
The Trinity Staircase 
The trinity home is generally a 3-story home with one (maybe two) rooms per floor, connected by a tiny, spiral staircase. While generally the tininess of these homes isn't an issue to buyers who are looking in a certain price range or don't need a larger home, the steep, winding stairs are often a dealbreaker. 
Tip #1 - Shore up the stairs. Tightness is one thing, but if the stairs are also really soft or slanted in one direction, it can make the walk up or down all the more difficult. If you need to shore up or replace the tre…

Guest Post: The Most Surprising Design Ideas Currently Trending

Last year, I posted about some of the best online design firms that are changing the interior design landscape for the average person. They are accessible and affordable companies that assist the average homeowner (or renter!) with making their space Pinterest-worthy. 

Recently, I came in contact with another fantastic interior design company, DecorAid. They provide free consultations and affordable, fixed-priced fees along with great, trade discounts on furniture. Further, they have amazing talent that have worked at some of the top, celebrity firms. 

If you want your home to have that straight-off-the-Elle-Decor-page look, then DecorAid can help at a fraction of the cost! Honestly, I might be saving up my own pennies to try it out! 

Today, they are partnering with The Little Realtor as a guest poster to discuss their take on current design trends - the intriguing, the bold, and maybe just plain odd! 


More often than not when a new trend emerges in the interior design world, we reve…

House of the Week: Living History in "Everyone's Home Town"

We're back! After a long hiatus, during which I completed my first flip house in the Wissahickon neighborhood (recap post coming soon!) and made a baby, I'm back and dedicating myself back to this blog! 

I'm still very much in favor of delivering my own content, but with the demands of clients and a new kiddo, you'll also see some shared content and guest posts on here too. 
But on to the good stuff... 

To roll out the red carpet on The Little Realtor, I'm doing a month of nothing but home design, decor, & tips and tricks, either just for fun or to get your home ready for the Spring market. But, to start, I'm bringing back "House of the Week" with a charming, albeit more expensive, Victorian single in Media! 
Media Boro, often called "Everyone's Home Town" is a quaint mecca of Victorian homes, 1920s bungalows and the ever-popular walkable lifestyle with a plethora of restaurants, shops and even a Trader Joes! Its rare to find a hom…

We have walls! And floors! And lights! Oh my!

After months of waiting to get the heat on, we were finally able to move forward with getting drywall up and put the new floors down. Oh how I wish I could have salvaged the original floors, but these floors were so far gone. So we added a new oak hardwood floor throughout the house (bedrooms too!).

Now all the walls are up, and painted to boot, and we don't have floors you fall through!

After drywall and hardwood started, its all gone so much faster. The tile for the bathrooms is getting added this week. Most of the lights and receptacles throughout the house are in. The trim is getting installed this week as is the kitchen, which will be really exciting to see.

More, prettier, updates soon! 

The Best Online Design Services, Broken Down

For many buyers, when they are searching for their new home, they often fall in love with the little things. A beautifully curated living room with overscale, original art. The gallery wall running up the stairs. The perfectly fitted basement mancave that somehow doesn't scream bachelor.
But when the stagers or design-minded homeowners move their collection out, buyers often have trouble figuring out how to make that now-empty box back into a home.

In decades past, the solution was an expensive, often unattainable, one - hiring a professional interior designer. While hiring a designer is still the way to go for a lot of people who want a more personalized feel, can afford a higher end budget, or are doing bigger projects like kitchen and bath renovations, the average home buyer doesn't have the funds for this level of service. Luckily, the last few years have ushered in a new age of interior design, one that combines affordability and accessibility with the newest trends. The …

House of the Week: Covetable Space in East Falls

I've been working in East Falls enough to know a gem when I see one. This is one of them. And its unlikely to last long with 4 full bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths and zoned cooling.

3446 Ainslie St -  asking $325,000 - is a 3-story brick row in the heart of East Falls, only a block away from the train station and walkable to the growing retail of Midvale and Ridge Aves.

The current owners have kept the old house charm with beadboard and original moldings but added some nicely juxtaposed contemporary elements, like the thoroughly updated kitchen and luxurious bathrooms. The house has all the spaces most buyers are looking for, like 3 full bedrooms and a hall bath on the 2nd floor and a 3rd floor master suite with a walk-in closet and en-suite bath.

And its open this Sunday, Nov 19, from 1-3! Can't make the open, need a private showing or just want more details? Contact me at or 215-350-0464

Click the above link or here for the full listing.

I do not represent t…