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Fall Maintenance Checklist

If it wasn't obvious from the pumpkins everywhere.... its Fall! Its one of the most exciting seasons here on the East Coast but its also the entry to one of the toughest seasons on our homes. So take a minute to read-up on what you should do to protect your greatest investment!  Photo by allison christine on Unsplash
Its all about the drainage as we move into the wet seasons so working to keep water at bay is paramount. 
- Store all of your outdoor hoses towards the middle or end of Fall and turn off outdoor spigots 
- If you have a sprinkler system, time to drain it as well! 
- Clear out your gutters, maybe twice..... having large amounts of leaves in your gutters can cause damming and leakage 
- Double check that all of your downspouts are angled away from your home and install new drainage where necessary 
- Seal windows and doors where necessary 
- Check your roof (you can have a professional do this as well!) 
- Have your HVAC serviced (but feel free to get multiple opinions for expe…

Inexpensive Ways to Add Fall to your Home

Autumn is one of the most beloved seasons on the East Coast. People get excited for changing leaves, temperate weather, pumpkin-flavored everything, and decorating their homes and tables for the season. Especially in the era of quarantine, adding a little something special to your home this time of year might be just what you need to calm your home-schooling/stuck-inside nerves! But there's no need to spend a fortune for a little Fall pick-me-up. Here are my favorite, inexpensive options for Fall decorating! 
We all appreciate the delivery people bringing us our essentials, gifts, school supplies and home-shopping splurges. So give them something nice to see when they walk up next time! 

Love this inexpensive combo from Amazon!


Layering on chunky, fringy throws just makes you want to be inside more. I love this inexpensive, graphic addition from Amazon

Or this rust and ivory striped one from Target 
Fall-color catchalls are a great Fall addition, adding style points to your en…